Physical education abstract

Although the case study is a descriptive research technique often used in quantitative research, it is also used as a qualitative method in sport psychology research Heyman, ; Savoy, By videotaping the focus group, the researcher can gather both verbal and non-verbal information.

Knowing the factors that are associated with enhanced performance can help sport psychologist develop more effective interventions. The focus group may prove especially exciting for researchers working with exercise groups. One specific type, analyst triangulation, involves the process of several researchers coming to a consensus inter-rater reliability on the coding of the data.

In sport psychology research, qualitative methodology such as focus groups could be useful in exploring the meaning of anxiety to athletes Moran, Johnson The purpose of this editorial is to investigate the claims that team sports are not lifetime activities and that high school students are not interested in team sports.

Resting HRs were obtained on non-PE days while the students lay in a supine position for a period of 10 min. Please log in if you wish to make a comment. Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables.

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Mindfulness and subjective knowledge. James This article described how health and physical educators can use the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model as a means of helping children and youth to make good decisions regarding healthy behaviors.

The effect of music on the reduction of pain: Although used to a much lesser extent than in sport, the case study may be a valuable research tool in understanding the interventions in an exercise setting. The goals of these two competing paradigm are very different.

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An electronic survey link will be posted on an email listserv of college band directors. A strong correlation between male and female responses indicated that gender is not a particularly important factor to consider when selecting music for an aerobic activity.

Adapted Physical Education

Journal of Sport Behavior, 13, Music and rhythmic stimuli in the rehabilitation of gait disorders. Accordingly, students may be able to endure the challenges of progressive overload of exercise with the music providing a pleasurable environmental stimuli. Each group will rank a list of gossip topics for their interest value on a scale of 1 to 5 and be given a surprise free recall test.

This methodology was employed because of a need to examine these issues from a broad perspective. Open-ended questionnaires, analyzed inductively, have also been a means of gathering data in exercise psychology research.

As a consequence, teacher education programs should aim to facilitate the development of cultural competence. Originally published in by Phi Epsilon Kappa as a quarterly publication for its fraternity members, The Physical Educator is one of the longest standing journals providing research-based articles relating to physical education, health, recreation, and related areas.

This quarterly periodical is now available for non-members and libraries. In recent years Physical and Health Education (PHE) has become a polarizing subject for students, parents, and teachers. What once was viewed as an essential part of a child’s development has been replaced by increased screen time, sedentary lifestyles, and increased rates of childhood obesity.

Physical Education & Human Performance; Physical Education & Human Performance. Physical education (PE) and human performance classes improve your personal fitness and prepare you for a career working alongside athletes. topics Health Sciences. Skills & Interest Working with your hands.

In a large US sample, physical exercise was significantly and meaningfully associated with self-reported mental health burden in the past month. More exercise was not always better. Differences as a function of exercise were large relative to other demographic variables such as education and income.

[Abstract] | Many young women become disillusioned with physical education in their high school years. Mounting evidence suggests that this disillusionment starts in early adolescence.

This volume contains abstracts of papers accepted for presentation in the Research Consortium sessions of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Physical education abstract
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